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Ethiopian_Airlines_Boeing_787-8_ET-AOS_FRA_2012-10-28  Passengers to Rwanda get stranded for hours in Ethiopia

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Passengers from Ethiopia to Burundi via Kigali got stranded at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, Ethiopia on Thursday, when flight schedules where delayed.

Some of the passages who checked in by 8:00 am and were supposed to board Ethiopian Airline by 10:30am had to wait for hours to board their planes.

Some of them got upset because there was no official statement issued by the Ethiopian officials as to why their flights had delayed. “We are stunk here,” one of the passengers complained to Umusingi Newspaper, “We are just like orphans. Ask for us and we know what’s going on.


No food, no tea, it is damn cold” …..added By 14:20pm Kigali time, there were still stranded at the Bole Airport, when contacted about the issue, Rwanda Ethiopian Airlines Manager in Kigali when asked on his Telephone ,he said, “Dear Sir the flight is delayed due to some operational issue and will arrive 3:30pm.

Sorry for trouble let me check with our Addis office and let know other information.”

This is not the services they should give passengers; we have different programs where we are going, they should not delay us long like this next time other passenger complained.

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