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Safi’s wife under investigations-could be deport to Rwanda or arrested in Canada

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Investigations are underway about the alleged crimes committed by a Rwandan musician’s wife now in Canadian custody awaiting trial or exoneration.

Safi’s wife Judith Niyonizera could be arrested if found guilty for serious crimes that she perpetually committed during her days in Canada, then verdict will be to arrest her and the contrary would let her back to Rwanda.

Border police in Canada says that the investigations are ongoing since the wife to the Rwandan artist returned to clarify herself to the former husband, Rick Hilton, and the courts in that Country.

In an email clarifying on the publicity of the matter surrounding Safi, his wife Niyonizera and Hilton, Canadian border police said that it would reserve privacy until a conclusion from the investigations permits so.


Evidence with Umusingi notes that Hilton in fact had an affair with Niyonizera and wanted to marry her before she ran away.

To relate the Rwandan media portal to the matter in Canada, the Royal Canada Mounted Police Boarder said the case is being filed under Service file 423182 Calgary Alberta with their own contact numbers as rcmp 20171422272.

Safi and Judith

Rick Hilton with Judith

After despising headline breakers about the failed relationship between Rick Hilton and Judith Niyonizera, the Canadian husband is doing everything possible to have ex arrested in Canada or be deported to Rwanda.

Hilton shows in different evidential receipts that he had been caring for the Rwandan and she owed him some money and had in fact offended him in different places.  

He was not aware of the Safi wedding with his girlfriend Niyonizera and was told about that by some of his own friends and later by the news.

“First thing I should tell you is that Safi cannot be allowed to enter Canada because of his engagement with Judith and police here is already investigating other alleged crimes she could have committed in Canada or in Rwanda or at both immigration offices. All I wish to know is anybody that could know crimes committed by Judith to tell us because she offended us here a lot,” Hilton says.

Rick adds that he happened to meet on Judith’s other boyfriend and keeps his names anonymous because of the traumatizing news he heard about and both decided to engage in the ongoing investigations.

 He called on Umusingi and the Rwandan police to disclose the receipts that could show where she got the money to buy Safi a new home because the information is a must-have in Canada to avoid thefty.

Hilton says even though Niyonizera insist she also will accuse him of some crimes he offended her, he has already contracted a lawyer to preside along during court. He adds, the lawyer says they have no trouble with Judith.

Umusingi news portal tried using whatsapp to have clarification from Niyonizera on the allegations but refused to reply.

Rick says that when Safi had wedded Judith, many of his friends made annoying calls so much he had to publicize some of the photos showing that they lived together and decided he would not pardon her because of insistence to drag him into courts.

People whose attention is gripped by the scandal are expecting to have clarification from Urban Boys Safi  on the allegations on November 10 on a talk show that will be aired in Rwanda.


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