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Lack of cooperation Responsible for inseculity in Africa Says Kagame

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The Rwandan president Paul Kagame has emphasized that Africa is insecure because Africans fail to cooperate with each other.

Kagame was addressing the fourth edition of Dakar international forum on peace and security in Africa taking place in Dakar, Senegal

“allow me to emphasize that insecurity flourishes when we fail to cooperate with each other. Across the continent, insecurity hits up with endless killings of people especially in Somalia and othe parts of the continent.”

By Defining insecurity, president Kagame told the folum that: “insecurity takes many forms, from security to un controlled Migration to divisive politics.”

The fourth edition of the forum is themed, “current security challenges in Africa: towards the intergrated solutions”

The forum brings together close to 400 participants from high-level regional and international political and military authorities, experts, academics from the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations as well as civil society

Kagame called on African leaders to consult each other, in order to successfully address security problems. “if we allow other to define our problems and take responsibility for solving them, we have ourselves to blame.”

“African unity and resolve does not negate the importance of productive collaboration with external parteners. Stability is built on a foundation  of trust and rising prosperity from which all citizens benefit.”

Highlighting the importance of the citizen Kagame took an example of Rwanda. “ this is the logic behind our experience in Rwanda, a logic that a consultative form of politics in which citizens and private sector are involved, offers the best prospects.”

By BYANSI Samuel Baker



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