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Opinion:President Museveni should give me a cow when I return to Uganda, a Beautiful Country where I was born

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I have been to Uganda for many years and I have been in the Media for many years but I have never seen a story about the Beautiful Country Uganda like I saw a return to Rwanda by Andrew Mwenda.

May be President Museveni should give me a cow and I write a story about Uganda the Country many people believe it’s the nice Country in the World.

Even if he don’t give me a cow I will write about Uganda as Country where I was born and a Country loved by many People Worldwide.

Everyone can write a good story about a Country if President gives you a cow, a return to Rwanda deserves a cow really because Rwanda is a good Country ,very clean with nice roads and security though its among the poor Countries in Africa as the story said.

I will not go deep into the story to say about  GDP of Rwanda even I will not talk about GDP of Uganda but I want to say that Uganda has good roads  too but they don’t write about them,They only talk about Entebbe express high way but there are other roads where you can think that it’s in China.

Go to places like Ntinda as going to Najjera,go to places like Munyonyo,Muyenga many to mention, but why should people don’t write about Uganda?.

I think it’s only Uganda where everyone from any Country in the World can go and survive easily and you do your business. There are many Rwandese there and they are very happy doing business there, Burundians , Sudanese ,Ethiopians ,Congolese ,Tanzanians but they are doing well in Uganda isn’t that one not good?.

People can do small business like Kikomando (Chapatti and beans ) selling food on the streets at night and get School fees for the kids and other businesses.I have not talked about the nature of the Country Uganda is Zzabu.

They do have big businesses where people come from different Country to buy goods like Spair parts ,Clothes and they also have hotels to mention but a few.

My intention of writing this piece is that a return to Rwanda deserves a cow really but also President Museveni should know how to give journalists cows such that they talk about Uganda since it’s a nice Country.

I don’t want to mention how people have come from different Countries including Rwanda and they stabilized in Uganda ,they have big farms and big heards of cattle .

I will write a good article if President Museveni gives me a cow.

Stanley Gatera

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