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Bobi Wine Ranked As The 3rd Influential African Among The Top 100 In Africa

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Today Celebrated musician and politician Bobi Wine was finally ranked as the 3rd Panelist in Africa today. He was named as the most influential African in Uganda and Africa at large.

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Therefore, Pan-African best selling magazine and New Africa has ranked Bobi Wine as the 3rd most influential African at the moment among the top 100.

However,  this achievement has hyped the “freedom” singer more and more across Africa and the World.

According to the people power he spread all over huge media houses around the World, it created an impact on his name whereby many people regarded him as the second Nelson Mandela of Uganda.

This saying was first passed out by the celebrated Legendary South African singer, Yvonne Chaka chakaThe most selling magazine is already out on market and Bobi was the only Ugandan who appeared in this pan-African magazine. It covers politics and public service. It features the African man of the year and that is none other than Ethiopian Prime minister by the names of Abiy Ahmed who’s truly changing the game and the political landscape in the horn.



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