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Pastor Bugingo Speaks Out After Tuesday Attack,who want to kill him?

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Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries has made his maiden public appearance following a failed Tuesday-attempt to end his life.

Bugingo said on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, that he doesn’t blame anyone for masterminding the attack aimed at ending his life and gave thanks to God for giving him another chance to live.

Narrating the ordeal, Bugingo said he drove to Mulago Hospital after his driver was assassinated and it was there that he got treatment for the injuries he had sustained before being discharged earlier today.

The head of the house of prayer ministries is expected to return to his church before the week ends, to continue with ministry.

On Wednesday, despite his absence, Bugingo’s followers gathered in large numbers at Canan Land in Makerere Kavule for the day’s lunch-hour service. The pastor was able to delegate a minister to stand in for him.

Bugingo was attacked on Tuesday night in Namungoona, a Kampala suburb by unknown assassins, who shot at his car registered as Praize God. The attack claimed the life of his bodyguard Richard Muhumuza, who has since been identified as an SFC soldier.

Many doubts how he survived bullets and managed to drive to Mulago Hospital and how he drove wanting to nock the killer instead of praying for him  and also no video showing what happened and no people gathering like how it used to happen to other people who was shot dead liki Kirumira ,Iculi Olaxises,Andrew Felix Kawesa and many others. Polisi issued a Press statement on the assasins and the case is still under investigations.



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